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In addition, they can also receive oldfashioned AM in mono, for example on medium waves. Operation is simple, and a knowledge of the programme frequencies is not required. Instead a list of DRM radio programme names is displayed, similar to DAB or digital tv. Prices of DRM radio receivers start from 150 euros. <br> </div> </div> </div> <div id="mainbox"> <div class="maincolumn1"> <h2>Consumer Receivers</h2><br> The DRM standard for long-range transmitters was published in 2003, a commercial receiver module was developed in 2005, and consumer receivers became available in quantity from 2007. The market is thus still limited to only a dozen or so models, in a situation similar to the quiet on the DAB market ten years ago. The latest generation of receivers have colour graphics displays, and can exploit virtually all the features of DRM.<br> <br> >> <a href="Forbruger-modtagere-en.htm"> read more </a><br><br><br> <img src="TechniSat MultyRadio (130 x 95).jpg" width="130" height="95" border="0" alt="TechniSat MultyRadio"> </div> <div class="maincolumn1figuretext"> <em>TechniSat MultyRadio is an atttractive DRM table receiver.</em> </div> <div class="maincolumn2"> <h2>PC and Car Radios</h2><br> Car radios have good reception properties on long, medium and short waves, and are an excellent alternative to expensive communications receivers, even in boats. Use only whip antennas from well reputed manufacturers, and supply separately from the +12 V connector for automatic antennas on the radio; not through the antenna cable. Ground both radio and antenna securely to chassis, and run the antenna and supply cables far from other installations.<br> <br> >> <a href="Bilradio og PC-forsatse-en.htm"> read more </a><br><br><br><br> <img src="Sarapulsky Radiozavod SRZ RP-229 DRM (107 x 34).jpg" width="107" height="34" border="0" alt="Sarapulsky Radiozavod SRZ RP-229 DRM"> </div> <div class="maincolumn2figuretext"> <em>The car and ship radio SRZ RP-229 has good specifications.</em> </div> <div class="maincolumn3"> <h2>Converters and Kits</h2><br> It is quite easy to modify an AM radio to a DRM front end. Web shops offer ready-made converter modules at just 25 euros, and it is also possible to acquire a complete DRM front end for less than 100 euros. PC software may be found on the Internet to decode the converter signal to audio, radiotext, graphics, photos and data. The software will automatically update the worldwide DRM schedules so that stations may be selected on a list.<br> <br> >> <a href="Konvertere og byggesaet-en.htm"> read more </a><br><br><br> <img src="Elektor DRM Receiver 070039-91 (83 x 67).jpg" width="83" height="67" border="0" alt="Elektor DRM Receiver 070039-91"> </div> <div class="maincolumn3figuretext"> <em>Preassembled DRM module for PCs from Elektor magazine.</em> </div> <div class="maincolumn4"> <h2>Software Solutions</h2><br> Some of the DRM development was performed by universities, and the research has inspired a wide variety of high quality non-commercial software. In particular software for identifying, receiving, decoding, analysing and logging DRM stations are of interest for ordinary listeners. For professional use, such non-commercial software can encode and modulate DRM signals, and log field strength with GPS position from a driving car.<br> <br> >> <a href="Software-loesninger-en.htm"> read more </a><br><br> <img src="Dream DRM Decoder Software (124 x 95).jpg" width="124" height="95" border="0" alt="Dream DRM Decoder Software"> </div> <div class="maincolumn4figuretext"> <em>Dream is an open source DRM decoder programme for PCs.</em> </div> </div> <div id="footer"> <div class="logotypedk"> <a href="default-en.htm" rel="nofollow"> <img class="logotype" src="drmRADIO logotype (saturated bottom) 192 x 30 pixel.jpg" border="0" alt="Return to Main Page"> </a> </div> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>